Application areas: surface/underground engineering, shipbuilding/ocean oil platforms, water, gas/natural gas supply, electric power, industrial production, sewage treatment and maintenance fields.

Applicable pipelines: natural gas pipelines, ship pipelines, oil pipelines, water supply and drainage pipelines, fuel pipelines, compressed air pipelines, aviation/automotive special pipelines, seawater/freshwater pipelines, turbine pipelines, air conditioning pipelines, lubricating oil pipelines, ventilation pipelines, sludge pipelines, cable protection pipelines, suction pipelines, firefighting pipelines, flushing power lines, etc.

Due to the application of stainless steel connectors and pipelines are more extensive, so only write some of the more commonly used areas and pipelines, according to the different working conditions of enterprises in the application of the choice of connection tools are often different.


Stainless steel connectors have a strong universal, it can be applied to a variety of metal pipes and non-metallic pipes on the fast connection, the fluid medium, pipe wall thickness and end face are no special requirements. Interconnection of different tubes can be constructed without special tools.

Stainless steel connectors have strong sealing performance and pull-off resistance. In the pipeline connection to play a good anti-vibration, impact resistance, noise reduction effect

Stainless steel off stainless steel connectors are mainly used in the rapid repair of pipeline leaks, can be non-stop pressure, without replacing the pipeline, aging, rust caused by the pipeline trachoma, fracture and other cases of rapid repair, easy to install, no special tools can be used for construction operations.