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Ningbo HI-TECH Pateli: The glass clamps manufacturer in China

Ningbo HI-TECH Pateli is an accomplished expert in the production of prime-quality stainless steel and metal alloy products. Our reputation sets us apart as an OEM railing and door hardware supplier. The geography of our business stretches from India and the Middle East to the USA and Europe, where we have established relationships with customers in Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Italy, and other countries. These are only a few locations and markets where you can find our products as part of the supply chains of large enterprises.

About Us

The number one door hardware manufacturer

Ningbo HI-TECH Pateli has advanced manufacturing facilities that enable us to produce items with a particular emphasis on quality. Our R&D department is teeming with qualified engineers and designers who are busy creating high-quality OEM door hardware and custom installation and replacement products according to your specifications. They are often used by some of the best-known names in the world. We manufacture products made of various alloys and stainless steel. Glass clamps and supports produced by Ningbo HI-TECH Pateli can be machined in multiple shapes and sizes and are touted for exceptional durability and finishes. Our products are popular as they have various specifications and can be used for all door types, including those in residential and commercial buildings. We are proud to be acclaimed as the best glass clamp supplier in China because: ● We give your OEM order all we have, including our combined expertise and professional evaluation of the feasibility requirements. ● You can get your hardware without settling for the slowest shipping methods. If you need it fast, we can deliver it. ● We can coordinate our production runs with your schedule. If your supplier relationships are at stake because of low stock levels, we can help you save them by producing the required number of items quickly. We have been out there for over 20 years. The items we produce are used in various industries, including construction, transportation, engineering, and more. We offer full technical support to all our customers through our customer service team. Our professionals will walk you through the OEM glass clamp order finalization process, help you troubleshoot any problems with our hardware, and provide advice on shipping options.

Other products and services

We can produce an extensive assortment of railing and door hardware, including: ● Caps and connectors, baluster posts, handrail brackets, and other railing hardware items ● Door knockers, stoppers, levels, mail slots, and other door hardware items Besides, if you require molds for your product development, Ningbo HI-TECH Pateli can produce them within the shortest time to be set up at your glass clamp factory. Contact us today and tell us about your needs.


Manufacturing Facility Introduction

  • Surface treatment
  • Warm Chamber Alloy Auto Die Casting Machine
  • Milling Machine
  • Grinding Machine
  • Electric Discharge Machine
  • CNC Machine


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