Among the bathrooms nowadays, frameless showers are more prevalent, and with the prevalence of such frameless showers, the use of frameless glass doors is gradually increasing in frequency. This glass door can play a dual role, one is to increase the space, the second is to enhance the beauty, so there are more and more places to use this frameless glass doors, and with the emergence of glass doors, there are also glass clips this auxiliary material. Now in the market, we can actually see a variety of glass clips, they have different materials, but also have different roles and different functions, so the glass clips in the end which kinds of it? Today I will come to introduce you.

First of all, let's divide it according to its material

It is divided into stainless steel, copper and zinc alloy, etc., the variety is also very much. In these materials, I think stainless steel is the best, this material is very rigid bathroom clamps, especially some high-quality stainless steel, is not the need for electroplating treatment, so even if the use of a long time, there will be no blistering or mold phenomenon, the load-bearing capacity is also relatively good. Then the copper material is generally electroplating treatment, electroplating will become very bright, so it is more classy, but the family generally do not use these, are generally star hotels will use, because its cost is relatively high. Zinc alloy bathroom clamps and copper bathroom clamps, like the need for electroplating, but the cost is very low. Because if not well plated, the surface is easy to blister, and the load-bearing capacity is not particularly strong, prone to fracture phenomenon.


Secondly, the glass clip can also be distinguished according to its surface treatment

Divided into stainless steel brushed (also known as sand light), stainless steel bright surface (up to 8K brightness above the mirror light), chrome plating, brushed nickel plating, titanium gold plating, pearl nickel plating, pearl chrome plating, etc.. The first two can only be used on stainless steel, the last few can be processed according to customer needs.

Can also be divided according to the structure

Commonly, there are curved clips, angle clips and no-hole glass clips. Curved clips are connected to the door glass and fixed glass, while corner clips have no clear connection purpose object, which can be glass or wall. Open glass clips are widely used in a variety of glass curtain walls, is a more mature product, its advantage in the tempered glass without opening, in the glass curtain wall installation process only need to fix the four corners of the tempered glass on the glass clamps to achieve a good installation effect, can reduce the risk of natural breakage of tempered glass.

Now the use of glass clamps more and more widely, in the use of glass clamps, but also pay attention to the maintenance. First of all, in the process of handling to prevent the phenomenon of bruising, followed by cleaning, you should first use a soft cloth or dry cotton yarn to remove dust, and then wipe with a dry cloth to keep it dry, you must not use colored cleaning agents, which will damage its surface, there is hardware in use, should prevent the erosion of acid and alkali salts and tarnish.