When installing glass, you need various accessories to fix it, including glass clips. So what do you mean by glass clips?

Glass clips, also known as clip cores, play a role in fixing the glass, generally using density board, due to the use of the friction they receive, so the material and the process requires a high degree of. Glass clip fixed in the edge of the glass, to install other parts of the hardware accessories. Now on the market and on the Internet sales of glass clips brand, material varies, a variety of types. But generally metal is the main material.


Glass has many advantages, it does not isolate the entry of light at all, can perfectly set off the goods. And the glass clip is very small but is the core of the glass switch.

Stainless steel glass clip fixed method of analysis: 1. glass clip to be fixed on the cylindrical surface, that is, with bolts, locking. 2. Of course, you need to choose and cylindrical matching stainless steel glass clips (the diameter of the cylinder and the diameter of the glass clip fitting surface is the same).