Stainless steel connector is a new type of device to connect the pipeline, it combines the advantages of traditional connectors and improve, through the use of stainless steel and rubber materials manufactured into a combination of components to achieve the sealing pressure-bearing function, when the fluid in the balance of the pipeline under pressure flow, the internal pressure of the pipe body increases, the pressure exerted on the sealing lip also increases, with the sealing lip by the pressure gradually balanced, to achieve a self-tightening sealing effect.

Stainless steel connector is very easy to install, no welding, only need a wrench to complete the installation, and does not limit the installation of the pipe, with a flexible connection, in large pipeline projects can save installation time and reduce the weight of the pipeline burden.

1、Single card stainless steel connector

Mainly applicable to a variety of metal pipes or non-metallic pipeline fast connection, it can replace the traditional welding, flange butt and other tedious connection. Can solve different pipe diameter, different pipe interconnection (for example, 110 PE pipe and 108 steel pipe, PE pipe traditional connection is electrofusion or hot fusion, steel pipe is traditionally welded, but these two pipes are connected with the traditional method, there is no way to reach, with our stainless steel connector, only need a wrench to twist the bolt can be done, convenient and fast). Stainless steel connectors allow axial angle deviation, single pipe is 6 degrees, double pipe is 10 degrees.


2, stainless steel flush angle tube connector

Its outstanding advantage is the effect of anti-vibration, anti-ratchet, which is determined by its special tooth ring structure. In the moment when the pipe is about to detach, the structure of the tooth ring is designed to clench the pipe like human teeth to achieve a good connection effect. Suitable for vibrating steel pipes, ductile iron pipes and other metal pipes, as well as non-metallic pipes with thicker wall thickness, PE, PVC pipes, etc.

3、Non-metallic stainless steel connector

The wall thickness of the thin non-metallic pipeline connection will have to use non-metallic stainless steel connectors, copper tooth ring special design for this thin wall thickness of the pipeline connection effect is very outstanding, copper tooth ring design, not only anti-vibration, anti-lattice, but also will not chew the pipe, does not affect the seal. It should be noted that if the pipe is made of soft thermoplastic materials, such as some PE pipe, it is recommended to put a support ring inside the pipe to avoid the bolt twisting tight, copper tooth ring deformation of the pipe, affecting the seal.