An uneven door can be unsightly and annoying, especially if it keeps catching and sticking to the door frame. Luckily, there are a few ways you can fix the issue and make your door level again. If the door itself is uneven, you can shim the hinges to adjust it. You can also add shims to a door frame if it’s uneven or warped. If you’ve got a problem with your door sticking, there are a few things you can try to solve the problem.

1、Close the door and look for uneven spacing.

Shut your door all of the way and take a look at the crack between the door and the frame. Look for places where the spacing is uneven, such as near the top or the bottom of the door to figure out which hinge needs to be shimmed.

For instance, if the space between the door and the frame is smaller at the top of the door, then you’ll need to add shims to the bottom hinge to correct the imbalance.


2、Open the door and remove the hinge that needs to be shimmed.

Open the door to expose the screws in the hinges. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws from the hinge you’re removing. Set the screws aside so you can replace them later and pull the hinge off of the door and frame.

If you need to shim multiple hinges, remove 1 at a time so you don’t have to take the whole door off.

3、Place the hinge on cardboard and cut out outlines with a utility knife.

Take a clean sheet of cardboard and lay it on a flat working surface such as a table or the ground. Fold the hinge closed and place it on top of the cardboard. Use a utility knife to cut out an outline from the cardboard. Then, move the hinge to another spot on the cardboard and cut out another outline. Cut out at least 2-3 cardboard shims.


If your door is really uneven, cut out 5-6 cardboard shims, just in case.

4、Reinstall the hinge with 2-3 cardboard shims behind it.

2 shims will be enough for a door that’s slightly uneven, but if part of the door is touching the frame when you checked the spacing, use 3 shims. Hold the cardboard shims on the backside of the hinge and place the hinge back against the door frame, in the spot where you removed it from. Use a screwdriver to drive the screws through the cardboard and into the door frame. Then, replace the screws that attach the hinge to the door itself.

You could use a power drill to drive the screws in as well.

5、Check the door spacing and add more shims if necessary.

Close the door again and look at the spacing between the door and the frame. If it’s still uneven, remove the hinge, add another cardboard shim to the backside, reinstall the hinge, and check the spacing again. Add as many shims as it takes to make the spacing between the door and frame even.