glass clamp 04
Series No.: PGC-ZA.000/033/042/048.00/10/20/11/21
Description:  D shape glass clamp for tube Φ33.7, Φ42.4, Φ48.3, flat

Size: 54*68mm, 62*45mm, TBD for new design

Accessories: a pair of caps, two screws, a pin, a pair of rubbers(6/8/10/12mm, TBD for new design) 
Material: Zamak
Surface: stainless steel effect, polished, raw, PVD

Main production processes related: casting, die casting, machining, surface treatment(raw, stainness steel effect, polished, PVD, etc.)

This stainless steel glass clamp to ensure a railing system that is sleek in design, easy to install and still safe and sturdy. And you need 4 glass clamps to hold a glass with 500 in min. width and 1000 in max. height.